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Top 5 Advantages of EDI

Best 5 Benefits of EDI

We’re asked time after time, “Why should I use EDI if I don’t have to?” – Here’s our usual reply – Top 5 Advantages of EDI.

1. Greater Accuracy: By removing the need to re-key data, EDI drastically reduces the potential for human error this greatly improving the accuracy of the transactions.

2. Greater Speed: Electronic communication gives almost real time data to all parties.

3. Integration: Integrate all aspects of your supply chain connecting your ERP/MRP/WMS, 3PL and all trading partners.

4. Faster Payment: EDI facilitates a much shorter ‘order to payment’ cash cycle which means you will be paid much faster from your customers.

5. Environmentally Friendly: Electronic communication removes the need for paper which is environmentally friendly and also reduces your print costs.

B2BGateway offers cloud-based, fully-integrated EDI and automated supply chain solutions to all of our clients. Our solutions, which remove the need to re-key data, are widely used in Wholesale Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, Third Party Logistics (3PL), Automotive and Government industries. We also to provide connections to eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Volusion, 3dcart and Shopify.

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