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Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and EDI

Direct Retailer Supply (DSD) and EDI

Many items that are date sensitive, or have limited shelf lives are delivered directly to the retailer store locations, by the supplier, as opposed to being shipped through the retailer’s warehouse. This method of delivery is often referred to as Direct Store Delivery (DSD). Some suppliers who use this method are organizations that deliver bread, milk, soda or any other perishable items. Direct Store Delivery (DSD) transactions allow suppliers to get their product on retailers’ shelves as quickly as possible, bypassing the retailers distribution centers.

Due to short life guidelines, it is common for over thirty percent of a retail grocers produce to be brought to store via DSD. In convenience and drug stores, over half of merchandise may be directly delivered. Using EDI to automate the DSD process can relieve congestion at the retailer’s back door and reduce check-in times.

EDI 850 Purchase Orders are not usually sent to DSD suppliers. In some cases sales reports may be sent by the store through EDI 852 (Point of Sale Activity Data) or it the EDI 882 transaction set may also be used. The EDI 882 transaction set is used to summarize detailed delivery, return and adjustment information which was previously reconciled at time of delivery in a retail direct store delivery environment, and also to request payment for the products delivered. This transaction set will provide only a summary of direct store deliveries and adjustments without product detail.

More commonly, product deliveries are scheduled based on monitoring of the in-store inventory by either the supplier or the store manager. Invoices are still required and are typically sent through EDI 810 transactions. The EDI 810 invoices must adhere to each retailers specific requirements, data standards and communication protocols.

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