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Dollar Tree announces new Purchase Order (EDI 850) specifications and Cabela’s updates Routing Instructions

Dollar Tree announces new Purchase Order (EDI 850) specifications and Cabela’s updates Routing Instructions

Dollar Tree has made the following communication to all vendors and partners announcing an update to their current Purchase Order (EDI 850) specification. The below changes must be made live by August 11, 2015 and do not affect Dollar tree Invoices (EDI 810):

Dear Vendor,

Our EDI team will be adding new segments/elements to our Purchase Order (850) Specifications.  These changes will allow our vendors to know who the purchase order is from and where to find our “Purchase Order Terms & Conditions”.

1. We will be adding the N9 Loop (N9 & MSG)

This information will contain the location of our “Terms & Conditions”

2. We will be adding the N1-BT segment. This information will contain our BT Name.

US Example:
ISA*00 *          *00*          *ZZ*DLTR           *QQ*RECEIVER ID    *150609*2049*U*00401*000001326*0*P*>~
GS*PO*DLTR*RECEIVER ID*20150609*2049*547*X*004010~
BEG*00*SA*16 digit PO Number**20150609~
REF*DP*Department Number*Department Name~
PER*BD*Buyer Name~
ITD************NET 30 (ROG)~
N9*L1*Purchase Order Header Notes~
MSG*Our Purchase Order Terms  & Conditions are located~    
MSG*https://Dollar Tree/vendor/Terms and Conditions~    
N1*BT*Dollar Tree Merchandising~  
N1*ST*Olive Branch DC 2*92*99002~
N3*7860 Hacks Cross Road~
N4*Olive Branch*MS*38654*US~
PO1*1*Quantity*EA*Price**IN*DLTR SKU*VN*Vendor Part Number*UP*UPC Number~
PID*F****Product Description~
AMT*TT*PO Total~

These changes WILL NOT  impact the Invoice (810) Specifications.
Our EDI team has attached the new specifications for you to be able to update your EDI System.  We need to know if you have any issues with these changes by August 7, 2014.
The new segment/elements will be included on purchase orders sent beginning August 11, 2015.

Cabela’s has also released a communication regarding updates to their Routing Instructions (EDI 754) document. These changes must be put in place by July 29, 2015. Below is an extract from Cabela’s recent communication:

To assist in providing additional information in the Routing Instructions document (754). Cabela’s will begin to send a shipping window to all trading partners, versus a previously communicated specific ship date.

This change will be put in place on: 7/29

The shipping window provided within the 754 Routing Instructions document will encompass an Earliest Pickup date, and a Latest Pickup date.

If you are trading with Dollar Tree and/or Cabela’s please contact EDI Here support team to make sure you are ready for these changes.

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