Receive and Send EDI documents like Email


For Small and Medium businesses

EDI-as-a-Service allows you to receive EDI documents, read or print them, create shipments & invoices, and send back the created EDI documents your trading partners. All this and more, without purchasing, installing and maintaining multiple software packages.

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For Larger businesses

EDI-as-a-Service receives any volume of X12 or EDIFACT documents with high-availability and scalability. Its used by many large organizations to exchange hundreds of thousands of mission critical messages

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For Enterprises

You face issues if your Suppliers do not use EDI, or use EDI with errors. Your suppliers will be utilizing this same platform underneath for reliable communications with you, at no additional cost.
Talk with us on how you can get us to certify against your specifications, and then get special discounts on pricing for your suppliers. Its a win-win situation for both your suppliers and you, saving time and money for everyone.

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Take Care of All Your EDI Needs

EDI-as-a-Service provides flexibility to match your exact EDI needs – and those of your supply chain partners.

Reduce your costs

Using one EDI provider will reduce your communications and administration costs compared with supporting multiple providers.

Pay for what you use

A single provider will provide a price for your total transaction volume on a subscription or ‘pay as you go’ model. Voted one of the world’s leading cloud service providers, EDI Here ensures you pay only for the amount of service you use.

Extend your network

It is much easier to add a new customer because your process is similar in each instance. You are effectively shielded from the EDI standards and technologies as this becomes the provider’s responsibility.

Improve your management

Managing a single EDI Services Provider is significantly easier and more effective. You have a single contract for your EDI service, the same service levels across your business and a single point of contact for service and support.

Increase your automation

Ironically, using multiple B2B/EDI systems means that many companies may still end up keying in content from business documents manually because they don’t have integration between all systems. Remember, this is the one thing that EDI was meant to remove!

Extend your capabilities

A major weakness of the multi-Service Provider approach is that you have no visibility across your entire B2B/EDI operations. An unwanted result of this is your EDI providers can’t effectively deliver the value-added services that can drive business productivity and customer satisfaction.

No Investment by the Client

The service provider assumes the technical infrastructure that must support the solution. The service provider also assumes software development and upgrades, so the client does not have to invest in licenses, servers, or applications of any kind.

Future-proof your investment

Of course, your chosen EDI providers should invest in the underlying technologies to enable future service capability. However, small companies can’t match the capabilities and resources of the large global B2B/EDI players who use technology as competitive advantage and can deliver new services and technologies to market competitively.


What We Offer

At EDI Here we offer an EDI-as-a-Service, reduce costs, increase your flexibility and ensure that this critical early stage of your deployment is done right, first time. Our services are EDI Here to guarantee that your EDI demands are met.

Simplify supply chain relationships

Benefit from streamlined onboarding that supports a range of EDI standards and protocols. A structured approach to partner onboarding helps organizations reduce complexity, onboard partners much faster, and reap significantly better business outcomes.

Reduce costs and drive outcomes

Minimize the cost of in-house teams and create opportunities for investment in other areas. EDI Here ensure that you are aligned with best practices and improve business outcomes.


Industries We Serve

Today, a multitude of industries use EDI in countries around the world. Whether in the healthcare sector, retail, or the automotive industry, EDI is transforming the way businesses communicate and yield value.

EDI-as-a-Service for Retailers

Keeping a retail business running smoothly is a complex process. The high volume of invoices and orders not only makes the paper-based exchange of documents time-consuming but also error-prone.

EDI-as-a-Service for Supply Chain

Accelerated globalization, larger product offerings, and shorter lead times have all compelled businesses to look for solutions that can reduce the large volumes of paperwork associated.

EDI-as-a-Service for Banking and Finance

Banks, stock brokerages, consumer-finance companies, and other financial institutions provide a wide array of services and products to their clients.

EDI-as-a-Service for Automotive

In the globalized just-in-time (JIT) environment of the automotive industry, delivery of the parts required to manufacture a vehicle must be quick and frequent to minimize disruptions to the production process.

EDI-as-a-Service Healthcare and Insurance

Administrative costs are a part of doing business. But in healthcare, it’s a proven fact that the costs of benefit verification, authorization, claims and billing, and other business transactions remain too high.

EDI-as-a-Service for Transportation

A fulfillment and transportation company relies on data from multiple entities to move goods through the supply chain.


What We can do for you

We understand how critical is to the smooth running and success of your businesses. Let EDI Here help improve efficiency, accuracy and visibility within your EDI environment.

Multiple EDI standards

Real-time data visibility

Smooth trading partner onboarding

Maximize Business Agility


We only Serve what's right for you

Hybrid EDI Outcomes

Combine Webmail, Web EDI and point-to-point solutions in a single platfrom

EDI Standard Flexibility

DI mapping and managed service enables accommodation of all EDI standards

Self-service and Managed service

Self-service tools provide on-demand control, and or support services are here when you most need them.