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EDI is cool again—thanks Forbes!

EDI is cool once more—thank you Forbes!

In his Forbes article, ARC Advisory Group analyst Steve Banker takes EDI ‘back to the future.’ In his view, EDI, technology that has been around for decades, is rapidly evolving and has become “cool” again because more and more companies are engaging in digital transformations.

This is nothing new to us EDI here, as we have spent the past two decades empowering organizations to improve internal processes and grow their businesses through EDI and our global trading partner network. 

Modern businesses are under increasing pressure to digitize their entire operation including their trading with a diverse set of customers and suppliers. In many cases, it’s this diversity of the supply chain that strengthens a business but it can also complicate a move towards digitization. The EDI-as-a-Service from EDI Here is where modern providers have innovated their offering to provide a more robust solution suitable for all supply chain profiles.

Electronic trading hasn’t just been confined to the traditional retailer and supplier relationship either, many of these businesses are now harnessing online marketplaces to sell direct to consumers which in many cases adds another resource intensive workflow.

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