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Change management experts with proven processes for retail growth

Exchange control mavens with confirmed processes for retail enlargement

SharkTank is a top-rated show with numerous lessons about the evolution of a business to be gleaned. Many of the contestants are just starting out in business, maybe selling a particular line of products to retailers. Many, if not most of them, are uploading a spreadsheet of products to each retail customer’s ERP system and then taking orders by fax or email.

As their businesses mature in volume and complexity, they soon discover a need to invest in systems to automate processes and find ways to save costs and improve profitability. Streamlining business processes is critical to keep partners happy, as well as win new partners. Fortunately, there has never been a better time to implement. The cloud solutions that are available today put substantial enterprise functionality in the hands of small businesses, giving them the ability to seamlessly add functionality and scale as needed at a very manageable price-point. Integration with trading partners is now also available via the cloud, connecting to business networks rather than the costly and antiquated point to point solutions from earlier generations of e-commerce.

To ensure your business reaches its transformational goals, it’s vital to choose a partner or service provider with change management experience at scale, that’s developed a methodical approach to system transitions and process changes.

Change management experts at EDI Here

EDI Here has connections to more than 95,000 businesses globally, providing EDI and supply chain support in more than 60 countries. That’s a lot of experience working with many organizations in almost all possible rungs of business — from the mom-and-pop brands that started out in the family garage to the national retailers and major international distributors.

Because we’ve been doing this for so many years and with so many companies, we’ve seen tens of thousands of them “grow up” with our technologies and services. We’ve learned a lot over the decades about getting systems online and integrated, as well as connecting trading partners.

We’ve seen suppliers grow from starting a single EDI connection to one retailer and explode with growth as they were able to serve that retailer better, find new retailers who needed their service, add new products, and share their growing sales data to better help retailers sell and display their products.

We’ve seen retailers adopt their first EDI system, plug it into their e-commerce store, and start new methods of fulfillment and online sales, even as their brick-and-mortar footprint grew around the region and the country.

We have firsthand accounts of their struggles and triumphs, and we’ve watched them learn some lessons the hard way, helped them avoid other problems, and even helped them with the strategy and hard work to help them grow.

We’ve connected with thousands of businesses and hundreds of systems, from the startup ERP system to the decades-old enterprise ERP system, from the lone Excel spreadsheet to major accounting software, and showed them how to exchange information and data quickly, easily and efficiently.

Growing your company with EDI Here

It’s a great problem to have: after you get your first major connection that starts you with EDI, you watch your business grow and grow until it outgrows your existing systems. So, you may switch from a legacy ERP to newer, modern ERP, trying to keep up with the ever-increasing requirements your trading partners place on you. You keep changing and upgrading as you look for something bigger, faster, and more robust.

EDI Here can keep up with the pace of your business’s growth. Our services evolve as your company evolves. Also, chances are we’ve worked with each of those ERPs, which means we can get you up and running in a fraction of the time with your current ERP than it would take another EDI provider to do the same thing.

As you continue to grow, you may also start adding new sales channels, new business systems (ERP, accounting software, e-commerce, and so on), new 3PLs and/or carriers. You start increasing order volume, accessing new lines of business credit, and creating and filling new roles — maybe you didn’t need a real IT person before, but now you need three. Our services scale to meet your business needs, whether you’re adding new processes, adjusting to order volume spikes, onboarding new trading partners, sourcing new products or trying to find new sales channels.

We have experience with all of this, helping companies grow, helping them adapt to the new retail industry reality faster and better, so they can keep up with the increasing demands of their newer, bigger trading partners.

If you would like to learn more about change management, and how EDI Here can help your company manage its growth wisely and efficiently. Ask to speak to any of our collaboration experts to answer any questions or provide a free demonstration.

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