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Start your Vendor Relationship with Amazon

Get started your Supplier Dating with Amazon

Start your Vendor Relationship with Amazon

Founded in 1995, Amazon started as a small e-commerce bookseller and soon grew to a billion dollar corporation. This global retailer is able to provide a wide variety of products due to over 1.7 million small and medium size businesses using their platform.

EDI Here has built out thousands of connections to help suppliers expertly manage Amazon vendor requirements. Suppliers choose EDI Here to handle their Amazon EDI compliance for more accurate orders, better product display and faster payments.Get the Tools You Need

Why companies trust EDI with their Amazon connection:

Fast EDI compliance for all orders and supporting documentsR

Correct product listings for online and in-store accuracyR

Quicker payment with accurate PO to Invoice matchR

Access to POS data from Amazon to monitor your product sales opportunities

The only Amazon solution you’ll ever need.

With access to retail’s largest network, 24×7 support and hundreds of connection options, it’s the only solution you’ll ever need.


EDI supports your company with a full team of experts who know what Amazon requires of their business partners. We help you leverage tools to ensure your connection is compliant, your products are represented accurately and you’re getting POS data to find growth opportunities for your business. By leveraging your full potential with EDI, prepare to shine during future Amazon buyer meetings.

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