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Target-branded Packing Slip Requirements

Target-branded Packing Slip Requirements

Did you know that Target.com is requiring that DVS (Direct Vendor Ship) Vendors provide packing slips for all shipments? A Direct Vendor Ship vendor for Target ships the product direct to the consumer from their own warehouse.

If you are a current or future Target.com DVS vendor you are now required to print Target.com branded packing slips for all of your shipments. EDI Here has completed the required testing and has become compliant with Target.com in order to provide this feature for our clients.

As a preferred provider, EDI Here, Inc. will be able to offer this for any existing or new setups.

Each packing slip setup will be built into your 856 ASN setup, and you will have access to print the packing slip at your convenience from your WebSource setup when you pack your cartons.

If you have a third party warehouse or shipping department packing your cartons, you have the ability to create additional logins and grant them access to only print out and view the packing slips and/or ASNs.

The format will be consistent for each vendor and therefore will not require additional testing. It will be available to you as soon as you need to be compliant under Target’s DVS program. If you have any questions or would like to know more about getting this set up for your partnership with Target.com please contact your EDI Here WebSource consultant today!

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