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Grocery vendor swaps out EDI provider after outages, snafus

Grocery seller swaps out EDI supplier after outages, snafus

Schwabe North America, also known as Nature’s Way, offers an extensive product line of herbal medicines sold by national retailers and grocery chains including Amazon, Costco, Giant Eagle, Kroger, Loblaws, and Wegmans. With new retailers and grocers choosing to carry the company’s vitamins and enzymatic therapies, the company sought to automate the order and fulfillment process quickly with each retailer.

Frustrated and concerned about their previous EDI provider’s ability to manage Schwabe’s growth, the vendor decided it was time for a new EDI provider that delivered excellent customer service, visibility to their data, and had EDI experience with their retailers. In 2016, these criteria brought Schwabe to EDI Here and its EDI solution for SAP.

Today, Schwabe continues to grow its customer base, most recently adding several Canadian retailers, increasing their EDI volume by 40 percent.

“We haven’t encountered any EDI requirements that EDI hasn’t been able to handle… Most EDI departments are slow or have a backlog of vendors, and the EDI team helps to speed up our integration and complete the connection in record time.”

David Anderson, IT Delivery Manager, Schwabe North America

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