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How to Change Your EDI Service Provider

How to Change Your EDI Service Provider

Today, companies switching from one EDI service provider to another, is not different from someone changing his mobile operator.

Successful companies are always looking for better services and conditions. They are not afraid to change their EDI service provider, considering they add a value with their new selected choice.

Typically, the main reasons for leaving the “old” EDI service provider:

  • The speed of service and SLA is not adequate to the company.
  • the price is no longer justifiable.
  • poor support service.
  • frequent failures.
  • technological weaknesses.
  • lack of expertise and difficulties with integration.

It happens that the contract between the EDI provider and the client was concluded a long time ago, and after a while, its terms were disadvantageous for the company.

There are cases when the client has accumulated a critical number of claims that he is ready to change the EDI service provider, regardless of the investment.

Sometimes, big retailers recommend their partners to work with a particular EDI service provider, hence, they go by that recommendation, since they do not have enough time to select the most reliable EDI provider more carefully, and they get stuck with that service provider for long, and living the good and the bad….

Primarily, to change the EDI service provider, you need to carefully select a new one. This step requires careful study. Here are the qualifications that should be looked at when looking for a new EDI service provider:

A.  The technology and qualification of the EDI provider

Companies often use a variety of business systems (SAP, Oracle JD Edwards, Salesforce, etc.), as well as e-Commerce (i.e. Amazon, Shopify). It is important that the new EDI service provider has the optimal solution for integrating EDI processes into these systems.

B.  Ability to offer diversified and comprehensive services

Secondly, it is desirable that your EDI provider can offer comprehensive diversified services that relate to EDI. For example, a good EDI provider, that offers integration services such as e-commerce integration, and direct integration with leading ERP/CRM systems, in addition to EDI is a very important criterion and one more plus in favor of the provider.

C.  Great technical support and quick response time to “resolve”

Third, comes technical support. The EDI service provider must ensure that an experienced technical team is always available for any type of request. It should be available to respond quickly to resolve issues (when it happens) within a very reasonable time frame, tolerated by the business. Of course, company experience plays an important role.

Since companies with many years of experience in their field, thanks to their experience, often have more effective solutions.

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