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Important Time Sensitive EDI 856 Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) Update Affecting CVS Health Suppliers!

Important Time Sensitive EDI 856 Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) Update Affecting CVS Health Suppliers!

CVS Health has begun a strategic initiative to enhance and certify all ASNs received from its vendors by requiring mandatory fields and standardizing its EDI format. Read more about this update straight from CVS Health below.

These standards will be put in place to strengthen the usage of the ASNs between CVS and its suppliers, and to drive additional benefits for all parties participating in the CVS supply chain. 

Why is CVS Health Certifying the EDI 856 Advanced Ship Notice?

  • To ensure all Advanced Ship Notices are consistently following the STOI (preferred) or SOTI format.
  • To ensure all regulatory requirements are followed by collecting mandatory information pertaining to pallet contents – where applicable (e.g. Hazmat, RX, DSCSA, DEA).
  • Enable increased visibility through Fill Rate Tracking, Transportation Freight Analytics, and Hazardous Materials Reporting.

Next Steps for CVS Health Vendors

CVS will be sending a follow-up communication to provide the new connectivity information for their UAT environment. Vendors will be required to send their formatted ASN to this new location where CVS will validate and certify the document.

Review CVS Health’s ASN Certification Guide and perform the following tasks:

  • Ensure your 856 follows the required STOI or SOTI Hierarchical Structure.
  • Identify and input the required fields based on your business relationship with CVS.
  • Fields marked as “Mandatory (M)” are required from ALL suppliers.
  • Fields marked as “Optional, Must Use (Must Use)” are required depending on your company’s business relationship with CVS.

For additional information and any questions, you can email the CVS Health ASN Certification Team at EDI_ASN_Onboarding@cvshealth.com

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