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Automotive industry EDI made easy

The automotive industry has faced unprecedented challenges in recent times. The complexity of automotive supply chains made recovery that much harder. Get access to the services and solutions essential to sustainable supply chain success.

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Integrated and Centralized Solutions
for Automotive

The automotive industry operates in a vertically integrated supply chain, with Tier 1 suppliers being the primary suppliers to the car manufacturer or original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Tier 1 suppliers are responsible for supplying some of the most significant components or subsystems for automobiles.
Subsequent downstream suppliers include Tollers and Warehouses, as well as 3PL providers.
With the Automotive Industry being inherently complicated, EDI-as-a-service is one of the most helpful tools to streamline operations, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

Asbury Automotive

How EDI Streamlines the Processes
in the Automotive Industry

Manual process automation

Free yourself and your team from error-prone manual procedures like order processing and invoicing.

Error elimination

Boost productivity, cut large labor costs and leave the data entry and processing to your EDI Here. You can also leverage EDI Here's knowledge and experience to you your advantage.

Enhanced visibility

Make data-driven decisions about inventory management and demand forecasting with the help of dashboards and reports.

Enhanced compliance

Let our EaaS take care of the industry regulations and data safety and privacy. We make sure the automotive processes are efficient and secure.

Efficient business process

Enjoy frictionless and standardized communication with your partners and speed up your business processes and cut down time-to-market.

OUR Services

the Complex processes


Onboarding made easy

EDI Here will take care of all the processes needed to onboard your partner. Connect with numerous partners in a short amount of time with our B2B EDI platform.


Various EDI format

EDI Here supports converting your files into various formats, whether they are EDI formats like VDA, Odette, EDIFACT, or TRADACOMS; or non-EDI file formats like CSV.


EaaS Platform Integration

Centralize your data, eliminate data discrepancies while efficiently integrating all your applications with our robust cloud tools.



Release yourself from the constraints of internal EDI administration. No further maintenance contracts, license purchases or VAN subscriptions are required. You will gain space and time to focus on the core, value-driven business activities.


VAT and e-invoice compliance

Utilize the EDI Here's platform to standardize and enhance the order-to-cash and procurement-to-pay processes for your AVP and receivable with all of your partners. Our system automates tax filing in the countries in which you conduct business and in which electronic VAT reporting is mandatory.
In accordance with the needs of our clients and/or business partners, we also make it easier for e-orders and invoices to be sent and received.

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