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Integrated and Centralized Solutions
for Healthcare and Insurance

The data generated in the healthcare industry daily is undoubtedly massive.
In order to make quick and informed decisions, the accurate and fast transaction of data is crucial. Delivering timely and accurate data transactions is essential for making fast and informed decisions.
Your healthcare information is safe with EDI Here as we have a proven track record of being HIPAA compliant.


EDI Here Takes Care
of the Manual Tasks for You

Most data management and data transaction tasks are tedious and repetitive. Even then, those processes are still error-prone.

With EDI Here’s EDI-as-a-service solution, you no longer need to worry about

Claims processing

EDI automatically exchanges claims data between healthcare providers and payers. As a result, the claiming process is faster and less error-prone.


EDI assists in the process of exchanging scheduling information between healthcare providers and patients. This reduces no-shows and patients are often more satisfied.

Patient records

Hospitals and healthcare providers may use EDI to send and receive patient records. The consistency of the data hence is secured, reducing any unwanted errors.

Order processing

EDI-as-a-service reduces errors and speeds up the order-to-cash cycle.

Core features for Your Healthcare Industry
that You Can find at EDI Here

Seamless integration

EDI-as-a-service frees up time and space since there no longer is the need to manage the data keying process. An approved integration mechanism is the key to our approach. We want you to be able to communicate with your back-office systems in an effortless way and take advantage of data processing.

Efficient Data Management

Healthcare EDI systems are essential for healthcare practitioners, as they are responsible for the management of data. These data could be patient history, emergency service reports, and medication information. EDI Here's EaaS has got you covered. Free up your headspace to focus on other core activities.

Worldwide Compliance

We always make sure you are compliant, no matter the country you are doing business with. We integrate with your management systems to streamline the transmission and acceptance of e-invoices as well as e-invoicing-related documents.

Stay ahead of the curve

We are well-versed in market trends and requirements and provide support for all major EDI communication channels.
Our EDI documents are easy to access, easy to manage and easy to work with.

Support of various transaction sets

Some of the most common sets include:
EDI 837: This set is used to exchange claims data between healthcare providers and payers.
EDI 835: It is used to exchange payment data between healthcare providers and payers.
EDI 850: Healthcare providers and suppliers exchange purchase orders using this transaction code.
EDI 855: This transaction set is utilized by suppliers and healthcare providers to transmit invoice data.
EDI 270: Healthcare providers use this set to send and receive patient demographic data.
EDI 278: An EDI 278 healthcare service review transaction is a process used to review the status of prior submissions or transactions for a particular patient.
EDI 276: Healprovidersrovider use EDI 276 to inquire about the status of claims they have already submitted to payers like insurance companies, government programs like Medicare or Medicaid, etc.

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