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Integrated and Centralized Solutions for Retailer

The retail sector is one of the earliest adopters of EDI technology. Despite such a fact, the industry prefers to carefully build on existing EDI infrastructure. The use of EDI in retail continues to be vital to generate a competitive edge in today’s narrow market.
After all, in order to maintain customer loyalty, you must consistently meet customer expectations.


Order processing

Automatically send purchase orders (POs) to your suppliers to allows a faster order-to-cash cycle.

Inventory management

We track inventory levels accurately and exchange inventory data with suppliers, so there always is your customer’s favorite product in stock.


Gone are the long hours of checking and rechecking shipping labels. Our solutions in retail have got you covered.

Cost reduction

By flagging errors and significantly reducing chargebacks, our solution helps your business saves expenses in the long run.


To ensure the product flows smoothly and speedy response to your customer's demands, EDI Here provides you with the tool to make sure everyone in the supply chain is on the same page, thanks to EDI standardized formats.

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Empower Your Business with EDI Here EDI-as-a-service

B2B platform integrations

Manage data with ease by integrating your ERP system with our EDI solutions. EDI Here provides you with advanced cloud technology for the best data management experience.

Fewer order cancellations

To always be aware of the requirements of your trading partners and meet your client's needs, our EDI translator alerts you of inventory levels to decrease stock outs and order cancellations.

Electronic signatures

Do you have to regularly handle large volumes of documents? Worry not as our digital signature service helps you make the most out of the automated processes.

Process automation

Shorten your order-to-cash cycle by automating commercial transactions. EDI Here has you covered on any EDI standards and transaction codes, including but not limited to:
850 Purchase Order
855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
856 Advance Ship Notice
810 Invoice
997 Functional Acknowledgement

Real-time monitoring

Improve the efficiency of your whole supply chain by having your transactions displayed in real-time on our user-friendly dashboard. Handle any errors timely to ensure the business continuity.

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