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with EDI Here's Saas Solution for Transportation

EDI Here supports multiple EDI standards:
The transportation industry uses a number of different EDI standards – we support all of the standards that you need. Some of the most common EDI transaction codes used in the transportation industry include: EDI 850: Purchase Order EDI 855: Purchase Order Acknowledgment EDI 856: Invoice EDI 204: Motor Carrier Load Tender EDI 211: Motor Carrier Bill of Lading EDI 214: Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message

Seamless integration with existing transportation software

We always aim to make your process easy and convenient to navigate, surely, with the goal of maximizing efficiency in mind.

Smooth communication

Communication is key - and our EDI tool will make you have better collaboration and coordination. Connect with your customers and suppliers quickly with little disruption or dependence on the internet.

Eliminate chargebacks by improving accuracy

We make sure you reap the benefits of accurate transportation data. Our EDI transactions are transmitted electronically and automatically, reducing the risk of human error. Our EDI solutions give you the tools to track shipments more effectively - almost in real-time. We want to help you minimize lost shipments and damaged goods.

Order processing

EDI-as-a-service reduces errors and speeds up the order-to-cash cycle.

Core Features

You can Find at EDI Here for Your Transportation System

Our dashboards are easy to navigate and user-friendly. Monitor your SLAs and KPIs easily, get automated reports to meet every single of your customer’s expectations.

Integration with TMS and WMS

Both the fulfillment and transportation process use data from multiple sources to move packages from one place to another in the supply chain. This is why centralizing your data by the integration of an EDI-as-a-service solution with your Transportation Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) is vital.

Provider portal

Through one secure web portal, centralize communications with your suppliers. Publish your orders and use purchase orders to create invoices for your vendors. You may automatically incorporate bills into your management system as well.

Standardized formats

EDI Here takes care of invoices, status updates, requests and responses digital standardization for you. Gone are the days of scrambling from one manual system to another.


By using automation to execute all of your API & EDI transactions in one place, you can increase the efficiency of your freight operations.

Full EDI experience

To give you a comprehensive EDI department experience without the expenditure of full-time EDI staff in your organization, we manage all of the mapping, communications, delivery, testing, and certification.


While supporting many EDI standards (ANSI X12, EDIFACT) with JIT (Just-in-time) approach, we match the import or export formats fro you.

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