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Introducing the Mastering the Retail Game podcast

Introducing the Mastering the Retail Sport podcast

EDI Here proudly introduces the Mastering the Retail Game podcast. Each episode explores the new rules of retail and provides real-world advice from the retail experts at EDI, as well as executives, merchandisers and operations professionals from retailers, suppliers and solution providers.

“Retailers and their partners are yearning for practical, yet strategic, advice on how to advance their business. Our new podcast provides this insight in a consumable way from experts who draw upon their former roles as merchandisers, planners, and financiers. Subscribers will be inspired by each episode that addresses the topics our customers tell us are critical to their success in 2019.”
– Mark O’Leary, Chief Marketing Officer at EDI Here

The first two episodes have already been published, and it’s a fantastic two-part episode about a vital event in any retailer-vendor collaboration: The meetings where both sides negotiate what the future of their relationship looks like.

At your next vendor meeting, how can you avoid the usual sales pitch and instead, make sure to depart the discussion with truly actionable insights? What information can you bring to strategize a win-win situation to strengthen inventory decisions and sell more goods?

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