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Ensure EDI readiness with full-service EDI testing

Make certain EDI readiness with full-service EDI trying out

When it comes to EDI testing, every retailer, grocer and distributor has different compliance requirements for their suppliers. Some require 20 or more distinct EDI testing scenarios based on product category or order fulfillment model, such as drop-shipping, cross dock or ship to store. Others use a supplier’s first order as a way to validate their EDI capabilities.

Like other aspects of EDI, testing requires a significant amount of expertise and time to execute, particularly as your business grows. When done correctly, the testing process will ensure that your EDI solution can send and receive the data your customers expect. In contrast, inadequate EDI testing can lead to missed orders, chargebacks resulting from EDI errors and damaged customer relationships.

How do full-service EDI providers handle EDI testing?

Companies that don’t want to manage complex EDI testing processes in-house often use a third-party provider to handle end-to-end testing activities on their behalf.

Full-service EDI providers identify and execute your required test scenarios, contact each of your trading partners to schedule the launch of your system into production, and monitor the initial data exchange to make sure everything goes smoothly. If any issues arise during the initial live data flow, the full-service team will resolve them on your behalf. Once the initial data flow is complete, your system will officially be “live” and the provider will continue to provide ongoing support as you need it.

A full-service team ensures your EDI production readiness while minimizing effort and risk. Learn more how full-service EDI providers manage EDI testing and launch in our complimentary white paper: Evaluating Your EDI Options: Seven Building Blocks of Full-Service EDI.

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