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Puritan’s Pride attributes significant growth in amount of SKUs

Puritan’s Satisfaction attributes important enlargement in quantity of SKUs

Sometimes change is necessary in order for organizations to succeed and stay relevant. Vice President of Merchandising Matt Zanone and Associate Category Manager Caitlin White spoke about how Puritan’s Pride adapted to the ever-changing e-commerce marketplace when they decided they wanted to accelerate their growth.

By partnering with EDI Here and using its Sourcing solution, Puritan’s Pride has exponentially increased sales in eight months. The key to continued growth is to add more SKUs. In the last eight months, the retailer has increased the number of SKUs by 25 percent. With the addition of drop shipping, Puritan’s Pride can ship larger and bulkier items easier, further enhancing the amount of SKUs Puritan’s Pride can have in its inventory.

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