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Moving Data to Make Big Data

Shifting Information to Make Giant Information

Extracting value from big data to create actionable intelligence is a challenge, but an advanced big data gateway software solution works seamlessly within your infrastructure to reliably route information and drive business outcomes and initiatives.

Some thoughts from Mahesh, during this five-minute video, on what a trusted solution provides to help achieve the innovation and growth your company seeks:

  • Security: Data should be encrypted at rest and in flight, and controlled to allow only credentialed users to access it.
  • Compliance: Big data solutions should aggregate while enabling data masking to maintain compliance in highly regulated fields, such as healthcare.
  • Transfer flexibility: Accommodate synchronous and synchronous transfers of data.
  • Carrier-grade scalability: Think of how fast data volumes have grown in just the past few years. Will you be able to handle future exploding data volumes?
  • Easy analytics integration: Combing data to come up with prescriptive and predictive intelligence helps to achieve ultimate business outcomes.
  • High-speed transfer capability: Support information movement in a timely manner to enable this actionable intelligence.
  • Various ingestion support: Companies often use a mix of databases, enterprise data warehouses, and data lakes for information ingestion. Ensure you have a schema-on-read approach where structured and unstructured data (email aggregations, etc.) can be transformed and analyzed later on.
  • Pliability and agility: Make use of an existing data sources, add new data sources, and be able to leverage normalized data to make business decisions.

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