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Target EDI Update with VAN Migration to Loren Data Requiring Vendor Action!

Target EDI Update with VAN Migration to Loren Data Requiring Vendor Action!

Target’s AS2 Support team (File Team) sent out an email last week regarding their upcoming direct AS2 connection migration to VAN. Trading partners/vendors for Target will be receiving an email with their VAN provider Loren Data’s information in the coming days if not already received.

The Target vendor email will contain important information such as:

  • Migration Timeline
  • EDI IDs
  • Invitation Link

Information that Target may need from vendors includes:

  • AS2 ID
  • AS2 URL
  • AS2 Certificate
  • Vendor firewall prepared to communicate AS2 through a certain port and with provided IP addresses

The email vendors will receive from Target is legitimate and should not be discarded. There is no additional cost to Target partners when using the new AS2 connection and testing will be available within a designated time frame. Once testing is complete, vendors will be required to use the new connection immediately and Target will switch the connection on their end making sure no data is lost.

You can ignore the email if you have already migrated or started the migration process with Loren Data. This migration is only for EDI Data as of now and you don’t need to migrate any NON – EDI or SFTP flows with target until you get further notification from Target on migration of NON – EDI / SFTP migrations.

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