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Target is discontinuing the support of Grocery EDI Standards 875, 876, and 880 effective December 15, 2017.

Target is discontinuing the support of Grocery EDI Standards 875, 876, and 880 effective December 15, 2017.

Vendor action is needed to stay compliant with Target and avoid issues with payment processing.

What is Changing?

  • Partners currently trading EDI documents 875, 876, and 880 with Target will need to migrate to the General Merchandise EDI Standards 850, 860, and 810 by 12-15-17.
  • The 810 invoice will require inbound testing to ensure invoice data can flow through your EDI system to Target’s Account Payable system.
  • The 856 is not required at this time (unless shipping to RDCs or FDCs).

Affected EDI Documents:

  • EDI 875 Grocery Products Purchase Order
  • EDI 876 Grocery Products Purchase Order Change
  • EDI 880 Grocery Products Invoice
  • EDI 860 Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated

How Does This Impact Your Company?

  • Failure to complete migration by December 15, 2017 may result in your inability to process EDI files from Target and impact your payment.
  • If your company is not currently doing business with Target, but will be doing business with Target on December 15, 2017 or thereafter, you will still be required to make the updates identified in the guide.

Steps to Complete by December 15, 2017:

  • Review and share with applicable partners within your company this EDI Update Document: Target Grocery EDI Change Implementation Guide
  • Make any necessary process or system changes indicated in the guide.
  • Schedule a document migration date (page 2 of the document).
  • Complete inbound 810 Invoice testing to Target (page 2 of the document).

Target has other important EDI updates also effective December 15, 2017

Read all the details in the EDI Here Trading Partner Update from early October:

Target Purchase Order EDI Changes

Questions About Target EDI

For questions regarding this change, you should first inquire with your own EDI or IT team or your third party EDI service provider.

To view all Target EDI guidelines, updates, and compliance requirements log onto the Target EDI Vendor Portal and Click on ‘Applications’> ‘Electronic Data Interchange’> ‘Learn More’> ‘Requirements’ from menu on left hand side.

For document migration or EDI mapping questions, contact Target’s Electronic Commerce Service Center (ECSC) at EDI.helpdesk@target.com or at 612-304-3310 option 1 7:00am – 5:00pm CST Monday – Friday.

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