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The Benefits of EDI for Small Businesses

The Advantages of EDI for Small Companies

EDI is not only for large, multi-national companies, an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution is just what you need to help your small business succeed and is a business requirement as you expand your business into different retailers and trading partners. EDI helps small businesses save time and money by reducing manual labor and creating more streamlined relationships with trading partners. The EDI-as-a-Service from EDI Here is easy to use and automates fulfillment while offering great expandability as your business grows.

How can EDI help small businesses?

Make data exchange automatic

Small business EDI implementation, with the leading EDI service provider like EDI-as-a-Service, makes data exchange easy and automated, helping small businesses focus less on data entry and more on what your business needs to grow and succeed. Becoming EDI capable automates the data interchange between business partners such as orders, shipments, product details, sales or inventory information.

Create predictable and reliable business partnerships

Implementing a small business EDI solution creates a consistent and predictable experience with trading partners which can greatly assist in perpetuating sales while strengthening partnerships. EDI helps small businesses handle small to large influxes of purchase orders without needing additional staff and allows you to easily serve retailers and trading partners during peak periods and holidays without losing your reputation for dependability and prompt shipment.

How can EDI assist in business growth?

Be ready for growth opportunities

Having EDI in place improves small businesses’ initial opportunities when talking to new trading partners by creating small business EDI compliance. With EDI Here as your EDI provider, maintain 100% EDI compliance with your entire network of trading partners. As EDI Here adheres to each trading partners’ EDI specifications, businesses can connect and scale easily while following each trading partners’ business requirements. While you may have started your small business on an online marketplace – like Amazon or eBay – or an eCommerce site – like Shopify or Magento – your growth plan includes a spot on the shelves of large retailers.

Large retailers such as Target or Walmart have detailed requirements once you become an approved vendor and being EDI capable are one of those requirements. Your small business cannot grow if you are not prepared. At EDI Here, we make it easy to be EDI capable, compliant and automate fulfillment for on-time delivery making your business partnerships a success.

Avoid growing pains

EDI for small businesses also make scalability easier for you and your company. While growth is always good, it frequently comes with a lot of headaches, including hiring more staff and working overtime. Implementing an EDI now means you’ll avoid these issues when you hit your growth phase. EDI Here supports your business with our all-in-one EDI and eCommerce solution that scales as your business evolves. Whether getting started with a few orders a month of tens of thousands of orders, EDI Here supports your business needs.

Does my business need to be EDI capable?

Large retailers require EDI compliance

Small business EDI compliance is required by many larger trade partners before they’ll commit to doing business with you. If your business plans involve growth into larger retail platforms, an EDI is your only way forward. EDI enables these trade partners to standardize their documents across a huge range of vendors ensuring that every incoming document has the details needed for their ERP and internal processes. Large retailers require EDIs because human errors are eliminated and tasks are streamlined. EDI allows small business to be among suppliers who are technically prepared to scale a relationship. This fast-tracks the onboarding processes so your products are in store and online sooner.

What are the benefits of EDI for small businesses?

Save time, money and stress

Small business EDI solution gives your business the ability to save a tremendous amount of time, effort and cost which in turn reduces stress. By partnering with EDI-as-a-Service from EDI Here, ensure your business success.

  • Manage and process orders and generate response documents such as advance shipment notices (EDI 856) or invoices (EDI 810) quickly and efficiently
  • Prevent redundant manual entry of data, saving staff time and increasing productivity
  • Increased efficiency and strengthen partnerships and loyalty by building a consistent and reliable procurements process for your trading partners while reducing errors or shipping delays
  • Reduce human errors and increase speed and accuracy of information exchanged
  • No need to juggle eCommerce and retailer orders separately
  • Keep staffing solutions lean – keep personnel requirements to a bare minimum while growing your business
  • Provides information security
  • Ability to handle large volume orders
  • Connects to all your retailers, trading partners and eCommerce marketplaces
  • Integrates with any shipping service, accounting program, ERP, 3PL, WMS

How do you manage the challenges of small business EDI implementation?

EDI Here helps you every step of the way

While the implementation process can be intensive, our experienced and highly trained, knowledgeable team will ensure an easy and seamless EDI implementation and as your scale, integration as needed. As partner we provide customizable, flexible solutions accommodating your business needs and requirements, it will prove itself with its ability to increase productivity and free up time for you and your team to focus on other aspects of your business.

Once you adopt EDI, the more effective your business process will be, especially with auto-filling capabilities. Our small business EDI solution connects with any trading partner or marketplace and integrates across various sales channels and solutions to ensure you get the greatest functionality.

What happens if I don’t choose EDI?

Slower growth, missed opportunities

Delaying your small business EDI implementation means you miss out on new business. Retailers must comply with consumer demands for fast products so efficient and reliable suppliers are critical to the success of large retailers. Without EDI, large retailers will simply pass over your small business.

Delaying your small business EDI implementation means your company may remain buried in tedious data work while you continue to pay more for transactions that still require hours of manual labor including emails, faxes and phone calls.

Have questions? Already an approved vendor and ready to get started? Feel free to reach out to our team, we’re always here to help.

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