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Thrive Market exec honored for supply chain vendor enablement

Thrive Marketplace exec commemorated for provide chain dealer enablement

Every year, RIS News, honors several retail executives for their innovation, boldness, and impact through their Pacesetter award. EDI would like to congratulate Jeff Chaput, Vice President of Supply Chain, at Thrive Market for being awarded this supply chain honor in 2019.

A long-term vendor growth strategy that scales

Jeff joined Thrive Market two years ago and quickly set out to build a scalable foundation across the retailer’s supply chain to support its ongoing growth. He knew those vendor partnerships were essential. Jeff and his team developed metrics and processes to better communicate expectations and work with their diverse vendor community of new and established brands, distributors and private label manufacturers.

In the article covering the industry leaders, Jeff shares how one of his first initiatives at Thrive Market was to deploy EDI Here Fulfillment to bring EDI to the company, as well as test and certify hundreds of the e-commerce grocer’s vendors to streamline their supply chain.

Supply chain vendor enablement made easy

Thrive Market used the Community service from EDI to onboard vendors using the best practices and talented professionals at EDI to do the legwork. EDI Here has vast experience in getting organizations like Thrive Market run more than 700 vendor enablement programs each year for retailers, distributors, and grocers.

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