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How to be Successful in Today’s Digitally Influenced Retail Era

Tips on how to be A hit in As of late’s Digitally Influenced Retail Generation

EDI Here In:fluence 2017 brought together some of the brightest minds from every corner of the retail industry. In this session, Michelle Wang-Davidson, group vice president of Omni DMM at Macy’s, discussed what it takes to be successful in today’s digitally influenced retail environment.

In a time where one bad product review or negative store experience can permanently break a sale, it has never been more imperative to deliver a better consumer experience than your competitors. This is especially true since consumers have nearly limitless choices on where, when and how they can make a purchase.

While the media may make it seem like retail is dying, it’s actually growing (sales are up 7.5 percent), how does one “win” at retail? Wang-Davidson offered her take on what it takes to achieve success with digitally influenced consumers.

  • Get your house in order – Examine the foundation of your brand and review your operations, especially in terms of fulfillment capabilities. Determine if your operations are able to deliver the digital experience your consumers expect.
  • Deliver a consistent brand experience – Regardless of where consumers engage with your brand, they should have a consistent experience at every touch point.
  • Make it easy for consumers to buy from you – Make every interaction positive, whether it’s reviews, customer service or fulfillment, make it easy and positive.
  • Embrace new marketing strategies – The use of driven content and digital tactics can help inspire your consumers in the discover phase. Test new strategies and discover what works best for your shoppers.

In short, retail success comes down to the consumer experience. If you can wow, delight and even exceed their expectations, you’ll find success.

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