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Trading Partner Updates from Zappos, Sports South and The Home Depot

Trading Partner Updates from Zappos, Sports South and The Home Depot

Zappos New Vendor Guide (April 10th Deadline for changes)

Zappos have updated and clarified their guidelines in the Zappos Vendor Guide. For all new guidelines, Zappos will require that Vendors be compliant by April 10th, 2017. For further information on the UPC
coming changes and how they may affect your organization, please contact your EDI Here support team.

Sports South Invoice Update (February 8th Deadline)

A recent update was made to the Sports South LLC Invoice (EDI 810) specification. Effective as of Wednesday, February 8th the updated 810 EDI specification will be adding the following conditional logic into the Payment Terms section, which will be mandatory going forward for all trading partners:

  • Conditional logic will detail which fields MUST be present within the Payment Terms Group (minimum 3 fields required, 1 from each conditional grouping)
  • Either TermsDiscountPercentage OR TermsDiscountAmount
  • Either TermsDiscountDueDays or TermsDiscountDate
  • Either TermsNetDueDate or TermsNetDueDays

The Home Depot 870 Order Status Timeliness Report (36 hour limit)

Please note that The Home Depot now requires all Special Order 850 transactions be updated with the first 870 Order Status within 36 hours.

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