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Trading Partner Updates – MarchApril 2019

Trading Partner Updates – March/April 2019

Recently, several trading partners made some changes to their EDI. For EDI Here clients this is a seamless transition made with no impact to our clients. We pride ourselves on our 99.96% up-time, which means we make the necessary updates without impacting our clients. Below are some of the trading partners and changes that were made over the past month.

Indigo Books ASN and Shipping Label Update

Indigo will be enforcing min/max character requirement validations in the Advanced Ship Notice (856) and Shipping Labels.

All Shipping Labels must provide a MAN02 with a min/max allowable character length of 20

ASN Number:
The ASN number (BSN02) on the ASN requires a maximum of 10 characters (no special characters).

MH10 Label: 

You must comply with the Case & Pallet Labelling Guidelines included in the Vendor Manual.

Barney’s EDI 850 Changes 

Barneys New York will stop sending EDI 860 starting June 3,2019 for any Purchase Order changes. EDI 850 will be sent in place of EDI 860 with the following update in BEG(02) segment:

  • “00” -> Purchase Order(Currently exists)
  • “01” -> Purchase Order Cancellation
  • “05” -> Purchase Order Changes

In addition to the above, Barneys Department Number will be added in the REF segment and Vendor Style will be added in PO1 segment.

New Mapping Requirement For all FOB Origin Vendors 753/754 

As part of the new Oracle Transportation Management system, all FOB Origin vendors are required to be setup on v5010 and transact the 753 – Request For Routing and 754 – Routing Instructions in addition to our other mandatory transactions.

The mandatory transactions for the new OTM processes are 753 (Request For Routing Instructions), 754 (Routing Instructions), 850 (Purchase Order – FOB Origin Vendors Only), 824 (Application Advice/Error Notification).

All of these updates are completed for EDI Here clients without any interruption to their EDI or their day to day workflow. Without EDI Here, our clients would need to update and support these changes on their own. Many of these updates happen without our clients knowing to allow them to focus on growing their business.

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