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Trading Partner updates Zulily introduces EDI 753 and EDI 754 transaction sets for routing and WYNIT introduces changes to Inventory Update.

Trading Partner updates: Zulily introduces EDI 753 and EDI 754 transaction sets for routing and WYNIT introduces changes to Inventory Update.

In a recent communication to suppliers and 3rd party EDI providers, Zulily has announced that it is introducing the EDI 753 and EDI 754 transaction sets for routing instructions. The following is part of Zulily’s communications:Utilize our latest EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messaging to save time and ensure accurate inventory information. The new messages include EDI 753 (routing request to zulily) and EDI 754 (routing instructions to your company).Simply email EDI@zulily.com to learn more and start integrating EDI 753 & EDI 754 messages.We’re working hard to provide new EDI messaging and capabilities to make working with zulily convenient and easy!

 WYNIT has also announced a planned change to their EDI inventory feed which will facilitate the addition of their new warehouse in Memphis, TN. According to WYNIT, they would like this change to be in place by September 7th, 2015:The purpose of this email is to inform WYNIT EDI customers, suppliers & business partners of a planned change to our inventory feed. The reason for the change is to enable the reporting of product availability in our new warehouse. Located in Memphis TN, this new warehouse will be used to distribute a select number of our supplier’s product lines.WYNIT’s current warehouses in Memphis, TN and Reno, NV will continue normal operation and inventory will be reported for them in the same manner. The specific change for handling the new warehouse will vary depending on your type of feed, with details below:

  1. Tab delimited feed:  Total WYNIT availability will continue to be reported in field 5.  Field 6 will continue to report availability in our current Memphis warehouse.  Field 7 will now show availability in our new Memphis warehouse.  Field 8 will continue to report availability for our Reno warehouse. The format of the file will remain unchanged.  The same number of fields will be reported.  The only change will be positive values in field 7 for any product available in the new warehouse. 
  2. ANSI X12 feed:  Customers who receive traditional EDI feeds will only see a change if their current feed reports availability at the warehouse level.  For those customers, an entry for warehouse ‘NY’ will exist for each item.  It will only contain non-zero quantities for items stocked in the new warehouse.  

WYNIT expects to make this change between August 17, 2015 and September 7th, 2015. 

If you are currently trading with Zulily and/or WYNIT, please contact EDI Here support team to see how these changes may affect you.

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