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UN/EDIFACT Data Elements Release D21A

A data element is a unit of data which, in a certain context, is considered indivisible and for which the identification, description and value representation have been specified. A composite is a data element containing two or more component data elements.

EDI Definitions IndexEDI Data Element Name
0001 Syntax identifier
0002 Syntax version number
0004 Interchange sender identification
0007 Identification code qualifier
0008 Interchange sender internal identification
0010 Interchange recipient identification
0014 Interchange recipient internal identification
0017 Date
0019 Time
0020 Interchange control reference
0022 Recipient reference/password
0025 Recipient reference/password qualifier
0026 Application reference
0029 Processing priority code
0031 Acknowledgement request
0032 Interchange agreement identifier
0035 Test indicator
0036 Interchange control count
0038 Message group identification
0040 Application sender identification
0042 Interchange sender internal sub-identification
0044 Application recipient identification
0046 Interchange recipient internal sub-identification
0048 Group reference number
0051 Controlling agency, coded
0052 Message version number
0054 Message release number
0057 Association assigned code
0058 Application password
0060 Group control count
0062 Message reference number
0065 Message type
0068 Common access reference
0070 Sequence of transfers
0073 First and last transfer
0074 Number of segments in a message
0076 Syntax release number
0080 Service code list directory version number
0081 Section identification
0083 Action, coded
0085 Syntax error, coded
0087 Anti-collision segment group identification
0096 Segment position in message body
0098 Erroneous data element position in segment
0104 Erroneous component data element position
0110 Code list directory version number
0113 Message type sub-function identification
0115 Message subset identification
0116 Message subset version number
0118 Message subset release number
0121 Message implementation guideline identification
0122 Message implementation guideline version number
0124 Message implementation guideline release number
0127 Scenario identification
0128 Scenario version number
0130 Scenario release number
0133 Character encoding, coded
0135 Service segment tag, coded
0136 Erroneous data element occurrence
0138 Security segment position
0300 Initiator control reference
0303 Initiator reference identification
0304 Responder control reference
0306 Transaction control reference
0311 Dialogue identification
0314 Event time
0320 Sender sequence number
0323 Transfer position, coded
0325 Duplicate Indicator
0331 Report function, coded
0332 Status
0333 Status, coded
0335 Language, coded
0336 Time offset
0338 Event date
0340 Interactive message reference number
0342 Dialogue version number
0344 Dialogue release number
0501 Security service, coded
0503 Response type, coded
0505 Filter function, coded
0507 Original character set encoding, coded
0509 Role of security provider, coded
0511 Security party identification
0513 Security party code list qualifier
0515 Security party code list responsible agency, coded
0517 Date and time qualifier
0518 Encryption reference number
0520 Security sequence number
0523 Use of algorithm, coded
0525 Cryptographic mode of operation, coded
0527 Algorithm, coded
0529 Algorithm code list identifier
0531 Algorithm parameter qualifier
0533 Mode of operation code list identifier
0534 Security reference number
0536 Certificate reference
0538 Key name
0541 Scope of security application, coded
0543 Certificate original character set repertoire, coded
0545 Certificate syntax and version, coded
0546 User authorization level
0548 Service character for signature
0551 Service character for signature qualifier
0554 Algorithm parameter value
0556 Length of data in octets of bits
0558 List parameter
0560 Validation value
0563 Validation value qualifier
0565 Message relation, coded
0567 Security status, coded
0569 Revocation reason, coded
0571 Security error, coded
0572 Certificate sequence number
0575 List parameter qualifier
0577 Security party qualifier
0579 Key management function qualifier
0582 Number of padding bytes
0586 Security party name
0588 Number of security segments
0591 Padding mechanism, coded
0601 Padding mechanism code list identifier
0800 Package reference number
0802 Reference identification number
0805 Object type qualifier
0808 Object type attribute
0809 Object type attribute identification
0810 Length of object in octets of bits
0813 Reference qualifier
0814 Number of segments before object
1000 Document name
1001 Document name code
1003 Message type code
1004 Document identifier
1049 Message section code
1050 Sequence position identifier
1052 Message item identifier
1054 Message sub-item identifier
1056 Version identifier
1058 Release identifier
1060 Revision identifier
1073 Document line action code
1082 Line item identifier
1131 Code list identification code
1145 Traveller reference identifier
1146 Account name
1147 Account identifier
1148 Account abbreviated name
1153 Reference code qualifier
1154 Reference identifier
1156 Document line identifier
1159 Sequence identifier source code
1170 Accounting journal name
1171 Accounting journal identifier
1218 Document originals required quantity
1220 Document copies required quantity
1222 Configuration level number
1225 Message function code
1227 Calculation sequence code
1228 Action description
1229 Action code
1230 Allowance or charge identifier
1312 Consignment load sequence identifier
1366 Document source description
1373 Document status code
1476 Controlling agency identifier
1490 Consolidation item number
1496 Goods item number
1501 Computer environment details code qualifier
1502 Data format description
1503 Data format description code
1505 Value list type code
1507 Designated class code
1508 File name
1510 Computer environment name
1511 Computer environment name code
1514 Value list name
1516 File format name
1518 Value list identifier
1520 Data set identifier
1523 Message implementation identification code
2000 Date
2002 Time
2005 Date or time or period function code qualifier
2009 Terms time relation code
2013 Frequency code
2015 Despatch pattern code
2017 Despatch pattern timing code
2018 Age
2023 Period type code qualifier
2029 Time zone identifier
2031 Time variation quantity
2116 Time zone difference quantity
2118 Period detail description
2119 Period detail description code
2148 Date variation number
2151 Period type code
2152 Period count quantity
2155 Charge period type code
2156 Check-in time
2160 Days of week set identifier
2162 Journey leg duration quantity
2164 Millisecond time
2379 Date or time or period format code
2380 Date or time or period text
2475 Event time reference code
3005 Maintenance operation operator code
3009 Maintenance operation payer code
3035 Party function code qualifier
3036 Party name
3039 Party identifier
3042 Street and number or post office box identifier
3045 Party name format code
3055 Code list responsible agency code
3077 Test medium code
3079 Organisation classification code
3082 Organisational class
3083 Organisational class name code
3124 Name and address description
3126 Carrier name
3127 Carrier identifier
3131 Address type code
3139 Contact function code
3148 Communication address identifier
3153 Communication medium type code
3155 Communication means type code
3164 City name
3192 Account holder name
3194 Account holder identifier
3197 Agent identifier
3207 Country identifier
3222 First related location name
3223 First related location identifier
3224 Location name
3225 Location identifier
3227 Location function code qualifier
3228 Country subdivision name
3229 Country subdivision identifier
3232 Second related location name
3233 Second related location identifier
3236 Sample location description
3237 Sample location description code
3239 Country of origin identifier
3251 Postal identification code
3279 Geographic area code
3285 Instruction receiving party identifier
3286 Address component description
3289 Person characteristic code qualifier
3292 Nationality name
3293 Nationality name code
3295 Name original alphabet code
3299 Address purpose code
3301 Enacting party identifier
3310 Inherited characteristic description
3311 Inherited characteristic description code
3397 Name status code
3398 Name component description
3401 Name component usage code
3403 Name type code
3405 Name component type code qualifier
3412 Contact name
3413 Contact identifier
3432 Institution name
3433 Institution name code
3434 Institution branch identifier
3436 Institution branch location name
3446 Party tax identifier
3449 Bank identifier
3452 Language name
3453 Language name code
3455 Language code qualifier
3457 Originator type code
3459 Frequent traveller identifier
3460 Given name
3463 Gate identifier
3465 In-house identifier
3475 Address status code
3477 Address format code
3478 Marital status description
3479 Marital status description code
3480 Person job title
3482 Religion name
3483 Religion name code
3493 Nationality code qualifier
3496 Sales channel identifier
3499 Gender code
3500 Family name
3503 Access authorisation identifier
3504 Given name title description
3507 Benefit coverage constituents code
4009 Option code
4017 Delivery plan commitment level code
4018 Related information description
4022 Business description
4025 Business function code
4027 Business function type code qualifier
4035 Priority type code qualifier
4036 Priority description
4037 Priority description code
4038 Additional safety information description
4039 Additional safety information description code
4043 Trade class code
4044 Safety section name
4046 Safety section number
4048 Certainty description
4049 Certainty description code
4051 Characteristic relevance code
4052 Delivery or transport terms description
4053 Delivery or transport terms description code
4055 Delivery or transport terms function code
4056 Question description
4057 Question description code
4059 Clause code qualifier
4065 Contract and carriage condition code
4068 Clause name
4069 Clause name code
4071 Proviso code qualifier
4072 Proviso type description
4073 Proviso type description code
4074 Proviso calculation description
4075 Proviso calculation description code
4078 Handling instruction description
4079 Handling instruction description code
4148 Information category description
4149 Information category description code
4150 Information detail description
4151 Information detail description code
4153 Information details code qualifier
4183 Special condition code
4184 Special requirement description
4187 Special requirement type code
4215 Transport charges payment method code
4219 Transport service priority code
4221 Discrepancy nature identification code
4233 Marking instructions code
4237 Payment arrangement code
4276 Payment terms description
4277 Payment terms description identifier
4279 Payment terms type code qualifier
4294 Change reason description
4295 Change reason description code
4343 Response type code
4344 Response description
4345 Response description code
4347 Product identifier code qualifier
4383 Bank operation code
4400 Instruction description
4401 Instruction description code
4403 Instruction type code qualifier
4404 Status description
4405 Status description code
4407 Sample process step code
4415 Test method identifier
4416 Test description
4419 Test administration method code
4424 Test reason name
4425 Test reason name code
4431 Payment guarantee means code
4435 Payment channel code
4437 Account type code qualifier
4439 Payment conditions code
4440 Free text
4441 Free text description code
4447 Free text format code
4451 Text subject code qualifier
4453 Free text function code
4455 Back order arrangement type code
4457 Substitution condition code
4461 Payment means code
4463 Intra-company payment indicator code
4465 Adjustment reason description code
4467 Payment method code
4469 Payment purpose code
4471 Settlement means code
4472 Information type
4473 Information type code
4474 Accounting entry type name
4475 Accounting entry type name code
4487 Financial transaction type code
4493 Delivery instruction code
4494 Insurance cover description
4495 Insurance cover description code
4497 Insurance cover type code
4499 Inventory movement reason code
4501 Inventory movement direction code
4503 Inventory balance method code
4505 Credit cover request type code
4507 Credit cover response type code
4509 Credit cover response reason code
4510 Requested information description
4511 Requested information description code
4513 Maintenance operation code
4517 Seal condition code
4519 Definition identifier
4521 Premium calculation component identifier
4522 Premium calculation component value category identifier
4525 Seal type code
5004 Monetary amount
5006 Monetary amount function description
5007 Monetary amount function description code
5013 Index code qualifier
5025 Monetary amount type code qualifier
5027 Index type identifier
5030 Index text
5039 Index representation code
5047 Contribution code qualifier
5048 Contribution type description
5049 Contribution type description code
5104 Monetary amount function detail description
5105 Monetary amount function detail description code
5118 Price amount
5125 Price code qualifier
5152 Duty or tax or fee type name
5153 Duty or tax or fee type name code
5160 Total monetary amount
5189 Allowance or charge identification code
5213 Sub-line item price change operation code
5237 Charge category code
5242 Rate or tariff class description
5243 Rate or tariff class description code
5245 Percentage type code qualifier
5249 Percentage basis identification code
5261 Charge unit code
5263 Rate type identifier
5267 Service type code
5273 Duty or tax or fee rate basis code
5275 Supplementary rate or tariff code
5278 Duty or tax or fee rate
5279 Duty or tax or fee rate code
5283 Duty or tax or fee function code qualifier
5284 Unit price basis quantity
5286 Duty or tax or fee assessment basis quantity
5289 Duty or tax or fee account code
5305 Duty or tax or fee category code
5307 Tax or duty or fee payment due date code
5314 Remuneration type name
5315 Remuneration type name code
5375 Price type code
5377 Price change type code
5379 Product group type code
5387 Price specification code
5388 Product group name
5389 Product group name code
5393 Price multiplier type code qualifier
5394 Price multiplier rate
5402 Currency exchange rate
5419 Rate type code qualifier
5420 Unit price basis rate
5463 Allowance or charge code qualifier
5479 Relation code
5482 Percentage
5495 Sub-line indicator code
5501 Rate plan code
6000 Latitude degree
6002 Longitude degree
6008 Height measure
6029 Geographical position code qualifier
6060 Quantity
6063 Quantity type code qualifier
6064 Variance quantity
6066 Control total quantity
6069 Control total type code qualifier
6071 Frequency code qualifier
6072 Frequency rate
6074 Confidence percent
6077 Result representation code
6079 Result normalcy code
6082 Dosage description
6083 Dosage description identifier
6085 Dosage administration code qualifier
6087 Result value type code qualifier
6096 Altitude
6113 Length type code
6140 Width measure
6145 Dimension type code qualifier
6152 Range maximum quantity
6154 Non-discrete measurement name
6155 Non-discrete measurement name code
6162 Range minimum quantity
6167 Range type code qualifier
6168 Length measure
6173 Size type code qualifier
6174 Size measure
6176 Occurrences maximum number
6178 Edit field length measure
6182 Diameter measure
6245 Temperature type code qualifier
6246 Temperature degree
6311 Measurement purpose code qualifier
6313 Measured attribute code
6314 Measure
6321 Measurement significance code
6331 Statistic type code qualifier
6341 Exchange rate currency market identifier
6343 Currency type code qualifier
6345 Currency identification code
6347 Currency usage code qualifier
6348 Currency rate
6350 Units quantity
6353 Unit type code qualifier
6410 Measurement unit name
6411 Measurement unit code
6412 Clinical information description
6413 Clinical information description identifier
6415 Clinical information type code qualifier
6426 Process stages quantity
6428 Process stages actual quantity
6432 Significant digits quantity
6434 Statistical concept identifier
7001 Physical or logical state type code qualifier
7006 Physical or logical state description
7007 Physical or logical state description code
7008 Item description
7009 Item description code
7011 Item availability code
7036 Characteristic description
7037 Characteristic description code
7039 Sample selection method code
7040 Power type description
7041 Power type code
7045 Sample state code
7047 Sample direction code
7059 Class type code
7064 Type of packages
7065 Package type description code
7073 Packaging terms and conditions code
7075 Packaging level code
7077 Description format code
7081 Item characteristic code
7083 Configuration operation code
7085 Cargo type classification code
7088 Dangerous goods flashpoint description
7102 Shipping marks description
7106 Shipment flashpoint degree
7110 Characteristic value description
7111 Characteristic value description code
7124 United Nations Dangerous Goods (UNDG) identifier
7130 Customer shipment authorisation identifier
7133 Product details type code qualifier
7134 Product name
7135 Product identifier
7139 Product characteristic identification code
7140 Item identifier
7143 Item type identification code
7160 Special service description
7161 Special service description code
7164 Hierarchical structure level identifier
7166 Hierarchical structure parent identifier
7168 Level number
7171 Hierarchical structure relationship code
7173 Hierarchy object code qualifier
7175 Rule part identifier
7176 Risk object sub-type description
7177 Risk object sub-type description identifier
7179 Risk object type identifier
7186 Process type description
7187 Process type description code
7188 Test method revision identifier
7190 Process description
7191 Process description code
7224 Package quantity
7233 Packaging related description code
7240 Item total quantity
7273 Service requirement code
7293 Sector area identification code qualifier
7294 Requirement or condition description
7295 Requirement or condition description identifier
7297 Set type code qualifier
7299 Requirement designator code
7357 Commodity identification code
7361 Customs goods identifier
7364 Processing indicator description
7365 Processing indicator description code
7383 Surface or layer code
7402 Object identifier
7405 Object identification code qualifier
7418 Hazardous material category name
7419 Hazardous material category name code
7429 Indexing structure code qualifier
7431 Agreement type code qualifier
7433 Agreement type description code
7434 Agreement type description
7436 Level one identifier
7438 Level two identifier
7440 Level three identifier
7442 Level four identifier
7444 Level five identifier
7446 Level six identifier
7449 Membership type code qualifier
7450 Membership category description
7451 Membership category description code
7452 Membership status description
7453 Membership status description code
7455 Membership level code qualifier
7456 Membership level description
7457 Membership level description code
7458 Attendee category description
7459 Attendee category description code
7491 Inventory type code
7493 Damage details code qualifier
7495 Object type code qualifier
7497 Structure component function code qualifier
7500 Damage type description
7501 Damage type description code
7502 Damage area description
7503 Damage area description code
7504 Unit or component type description
7505 Unit or component type description code
7506 Component material description
7507 Component material description code
7508 Damage severity description
7509 Damage severity description code
7511 Marking type code
7512 Structure component identifier
7515 Structure type code
7517 Benefit and coverage code
8015 Traffic restriction code
8017 Traffic restriction application code
8022 Freight and other charges description
8023 Freight and other charges description identifier
8024 Conveyance call purpose description
8025 Conveyance call purpose description code
8028 Means of transport journey identifier
8035 Traffic restriction type code qualifier
8051 Transport stage code qualifier
8053 Equipment type code qualifier
8066 Transport mode name
8067 Transport mode name code
8077 Equipment supplier code
8078 Additional hazard classification identifier
8092 Hazard code version identifier
8101 Transit direction indicator code
8126 Transport emergency card identifier
8154 Equipment size and type description
8155 Equipment size and type description code
8158 Orange hazard placard upper part identifier
8169 Full or empty indicator code
8178 Transport means description
8179 Transport means description code
8186 Orange hazard placard lower part identifier
8211 Hazardous cargo transport authorisation code
8212 Transport means identification name
8213 Transport means identification name identifier
8215 Transport means change indicator code
8216 Journey stops quantity
8219 Traveller accompanied by infant indicator code
8246 Dangerous goods marking identifier
8249 Equipment status code
8255 Packing instruction type code
8260 Equipment identifier
8273 Dangerous goods regulations code
8275 Container or package contents indicator code
8281 Transport means ownership indicator code
8323 Transport movement code
8332 Equipment plan description
8334 Movement type description
8335 Movement type description code
8339 Packaging danger level code
8341 Haulage arrangements code
8351 Hazard identification code
8364 Emergency procedure for ships identifier
8393 Returnable package load contents code
8395 Returnable package freight payment responsibility code
8410 Hazard medical first aid guide identifier
8453 Transport means nationality code
8457 Excess transportation reason code
8459 Excess transportation responsibility code
8461 Tunnel Restriction Code
8462 Transport service identification code
8463 Transport service name
8464 Transport service description
9003 Employment details code qualifier
9004 Employment category description
9005 Employment category description code
9006 Qualification classification description
9007 Qualification classification description code
9008 Occupation description
9009 Occupation description code
9012 Status reason description
9013 Status reason description code
9015 Status category code
9017 Attribute function code qualifier
9018 Attribute description
9019 Attribute description code
9020 Attribute type description
9021 Attribute type description code
9023 Definition function code
9025 Definition extent code
9026 Edit mask format identifier
9029 Value definition code qualifier
9031 Edit mask representation code
9035 Qualification application area code
9037 Qualification type code qualifier
9038 Facility type description
9039 Facility type description code
9040 Reservation identifier
9043 Reservation identifier code qualifier
9045 Basis code qualifier
9046 Basis type description
9047 Basis type description code
9048 Applicability type description
9049 Applicability type description code
9051 Applicability code qualifier
9141 Relationship type code qualifier
9142 Relationship description
9143 Relationship description code
9146 Composite data element tag identifier
9148 Directory status identifier
9150 Simple data element tag identifier
9153 Simple data element character representation code
9156 Simple data element maximum length measure
9158 Simple data element minimum length measure
9161 Code set indicator code
9162 Data element tag identifier
9164 Group identifier
9166 Segment tag identifier
9169 Data representation type code
9170 Event type description
9171 Event type description code
9172 Event
9173 Event description code
9175 Data element usage type code
9213 Duty regime type code
9280 Validation result text
9282 Validation key identifier
9285 Validation criteria code
9302 Sealing party name
9303 Sealing party name code
9308 Transport unit seal identifier
9321 Application error code
9353 Government procedure code
9411 Government involvement code
9415 Government agency identification code
9417 Government action code
9419 Service layer code
9421 Process stage code qualifier
9422 Value text
9424 Array cell data description
9426 Code value text
9428 Array cell structure identifier
9430 Footnote set identifier
9432 Footnote identifier
9434 Code name
9436 Clinical intervention description
9437 Clinical intervention description code
9441 Clinical intervention type code qualifier
9443 Attendance type code qualifier
9444 Admission type description
9445 Admission type description code
9446 Discharge type description
9447 Discharge type description code
9448 File generation command name
9450 File compression technique name
9453 Code value source code
9501 Formula type code qualifier
9502 Formula name
9505 Formula complexity code
9507 Formula sequence code qualifier
9509 Formula sequence operand code
9510 Formula sequence name
9601 Information category code
9605 Data code qualifier
9607 Yes or no indicator code
9619 Adjustment category code
9620 Policy limitation identifier
9623 Diagnosis type code
9625 Related cause code
9627 Admission source code
9629 Procedure modification code
9631 Invoice type code
9635 Event details code qualifier
9636 Event category description
9637 Event category description code
9639 Diagnosis category code
9641 Service basis code qualifier
9643 Supporting evidence type code qualifier
9645 Payer responsibility level code
9647 Cavity zone code
9649 Processing information code qualifier Composite Data Elements
C001 Transport means
C002Document/message name
C003Power type
C004Event category
C008Monetary amount function detail
C009Information category
C010Information type
C011Information detail
C012Processing indicator
C019Payment terms
C030Event type
C040 Carrier
C042Nationality details
C045Bill level identification
C049Remuneration type identification
C056Department or employee details
C058Name and address
C063Event identification
C076Communication contact
C077File identification
C078Account identification
C079Computer environment identification
C080Party name
C082Party identification details
C085Marital status details
C088Institution identification
C090Address details
C099File details
C100Terms of delivery or transport
C101Religion details
C106Document/message identification
C107Text reference
C108Text literal
C128Rate details
C138Price multiplier information
C186Quantity details
C202Package type
C203Rate/tariff class
C205Hazard code
C206Identification number
C208Identity number range
C210Marks & labels
C212Item number identification
C213Number and type of packages
C214Special services identification
C215Seal issuer
C218Hazardous material
C219Movement type
C220Mode of transport
C222Transport identification
C223Dangerous goods shipment flashpoint
C224Equipment size and type
C229Charge category
C231Method of payment
C232Government action
C234Undg information
C235Hazard identification
C236Dangerous goods label
C237Equipment identification
C239Temperature setting
C240Product characteristic
C241Duty/tax/fee type
C242Process type and description
C243Duty/tax/fee detail
C244Test method
C246Customs identity codes
C272 Item characteristic
C273Item description
C279Quantity difference information
C286Sequence information
C288Product group
C289Tunnel Restriction
C290Transport service
C329Pattern description
C330Insurance cover type
C331Insurance cover details
C332Sales channel identification
C333Information request
C401Excess transportation information
C402Package type identification
C501Percentage details
C502Measurement details
C503Document/message details
C504Currency details
C508Language details
C509Price information
C512Size details
C514Sample location details
C515Test reason
C516Monetary amount
C517Location identification
C519Related location one identification
C521Business function
C523Number of unit details
C524Handling instructions
C525 Purpose of conveyance call
C526Frequency details
C527Statistical details
C528Commodity/rate detail
C531Packaging details
C532Returnable package details
C533Duty/tax/fee account detail
C534Payment instruction details
C536Contract and carriage condition
C537Transport priority
C543Agreement type identification
C545Index identification
C546Index value
C549Monetary function
C550Requirement/condition identification
C551Bank operation
C552Allowance/charge information
C553Related location two identification
C554Rate/tariff class detail
C555Status event
C556Status reason
C564Physical or logical state information
C585Priority details
C593 Account identification
C595 Accounting journal identification
C596 Accounting entry type details
C601Status type
C701Error point details
C702Code set identification
C703Nature of cargo
C709Message identifier
C770Array cell details
C778Position identification
C779Array structure identification
C780Value list identification
C782Data set identification
C783Footnote set identification
C784Footnote identification
C785Statistical concept identification
C786Structure component identification
C811 Question details
C812  Response details
C814Safety section
C815Additional safety information
C816Name component details
C817Address usage
C818Person inherited characteristic details
C819Country sub-entity details
C820Premium calculation component
C821Type of damage
C822Damage area
C823Type of unit/component
C824Component material
C825Damage severity
C827Type of marking
C828Clinical intervention details
C829Sub-line information
C830 Process identification details
C831 Result details
C836 Clinical information details
C837 Certainty details
C838 Dosage details
C839 Attendee category
C840 Attendance admission details
C841 Attendance discharge details
C844 Organisation classification detail
C848 Measurement unit details
C849Parties to instruction
C850Status of instruction
C851Risk object type
C852Risk object sub-type
C853 Error segment point details
C878Charge/allowance account
C889Characteristic value
C901Application error detail
C942Membership category
C944Membership status
C945Membership level
C948Employment category
C950Qualification classification
C953Contribution type
C955Attribute type
C956Attribute details
C960Reason for change
C961 Formula complexity
C970Clause name
C971Proviso type
C972Proviso calculation
C973Applicability type
C974Basis type
C977Period detail
E001 Address details
E002 Commission details
E003 Attribute information
E004 Rule details
E005 Rule text
E006 Rule status
E007 Traffic restriction details
E008 Geographic details
E009Daily availability information
E010 Selection details information
E011 Rate class details
E012Name information
E013Date and time information
E014Time reference details
E015Product data information
E016Insurance cover requirement
E017Monetary amount
E018Price information
E019Promotion details
E020Tax details
E022Instruction information
E023Party demographic information
E024Supporting evidence
E025Basis of service information
E027Invoice type
E028Related cause
E030Adjustment information
E031Message application product specification
E032Party identification
E033Language details
E034Time zone
E035Quantity details
E080Party name
E082 Party identification details
E083 Delivery pattern
E175 Measurement value and details
E206Identification number
E212Item number identification
E362 Related time information
E504Currency details
E506 Reference
E507 Date/time/period
E517Location identification
E520 Frequency
E523Number of unit details
E778Position identification
E817Address usage
E819Country sub-entity details
E901 Application error details
E941 Relationship
E946 Certainty
E958 Quantity and action details
E959  Service date, time, location information
E961 Transport details
E962 Terminal information
E963 Distance or time details
E964 Traveller time details
E965 Special travel facilities
E966 Contact information
E967 Consumer reference identification
E968 Document information
E969 Validity dates
E970 Frequent traveller identification
E971 Free text qualification
E972 Message processing details
E973 Delivering system details
E974 Originator identification details
E975 Location
E976 Originator details
E977 Payment details
E978 Credit card information
E979 Reservation control identification
E980  Special requirement type details
E981 Special requirement details
E982 Tariff information
E983 Rate information
E984 Associated charges information
E985 Traveller surname and related information
E986 Traveller details
E987 Product date and time
E988 Company identification
E989 Product identification details
E990 Sequence number details
E991 Vehicle information
E992 Position
E993 Tour details
E994 Stopover information
E995 Movement details
E996 Product class details
E997 Accommodation allocation information
E998 Discount information
E999 Connection details
S001Syntax identifier
S002Interchange sender
S003Interchange recipient
S004Date/time of preparation
S005Recipient’s reference, password
S006Application sender’s identification
S007Application recipient’s identification
S008Message version
S009Message identifier
S010Status of the transfer
S011Data element identification
S016Message subset identification
S017Message implementation guideline identification
S018Scenario identification
S020Reference identification
S021Object type identification
S022Status of the object
S300Date and/or time of initiation
S301Status of transfer – interactive
S302Dialogue reference
S303Transaction reference
S305Dialogue identification
S306Interactive message identifier
S307Report reason
S500Security identification details
S501Security date and time
S502Security algorithm
S503Algorithm parameter
S504List parameter
S505Service character for signature
S508Validation result
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