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Updates to West Coast shipping distribution for Neiman Marcus full line and Neiman Marcus Last Call stores.

Updates to West Coast shipping distribution for Neiman Marcus full line and Neiman Marcus Last Call stores.

All West Coast Shipments bound for the Neiman Marcus Group FULL LINE and LAST CALL stores listed in this post will be required to have 7077 as the DC location (N1ST04) on the EDI 856 and all carton labeling beginning August 21, 2019. Read the full post for all the important compliance requirements of this Neiman Marcus EDI update.

August 21, 2019 will be the first date the Performance Team will begin receiving and sorting cartons to be processed for the West Coast Distribution Center (DC).

The Neiman Marcus Group EDI Team will also begin the personal communication with the affected West Coast Brand Partners June 3, 2019 and will be completed by July 1, 2019.

This new DC will require changes to the Store and DC Associations for West Coast Brand partners. The new location 7077 will be the DC for any West Coast freight destined for any of our 16 West Coast Locations (see list below).

Neiman Marcus Full Line Stores

  • Beverly Hills – LA 1010
  • Fashion Island – FI 1011
  • San Diego – SD 1016
  • Topanga – TP 1105
  • San Francisco – SF 1012
  • Palo Alto – PA 1024
  • Walnut Creek – WK 1110
  • Bellevue – BL 1106
  • Las Vegas – LV 1015
  • Scottsdale – SC 1029
  • Ala Moana – AM 1031

Neiman Marcus Last Call Stores

  • Milpitas – ML 2203
  • Camarillo – CA 2212
  • The Block – BK 2214
  • Desert Hills – DH 2220
  • Vegas North – VN 2231

This change will affect the DC location (N1ST04) on the EDI 856 to reflect 7077 as the new DC for these stores.

Additionally, carton labels will need the “ship to” field to reflect this new destination.

There will be multiple communications from Neiman Marcus detailing this change. Emails will be followed up by a personal phone call by a member of the NMG EDI team 90 days prior to go live to confirm the change. If you have any questions for Neiman Marcus on EDI mapping or DC alignment, contact their EDI team at EDINMG@NeimanMarcus.com.

If you have questions on carton labeling or need access to the Partner Relations portal, reach out to the NMG Partner Relations department at Partner_Relations@NeimanMarcus.com.

If you need an EDI solution to ensure full compliance with Neiman Marcus and all your trading partners, EDI Here can help find an EDI solution perfect for your unique business!

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