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Distributors aim for streamlined fulfillment

Vendors purpose for streamlined success

According to Retail Insight, the fourth-annual industry benchmark report from Retail Systems Research (RSR) and EDI Here, distributors’ top priority for 2016 is streamlined fulfillment, followed by growing e-commerce sales.

Although retailers’ top priority is digital, this discrepancy in focus may not be entirely misaligned. It may even accelerate the supply chain more than expected. When distributors aim to streamline fulfillment, they can help retailers fulfill online orders and meet their e-commerce goals.

Retailers have also asked distributors to strengthen their digital growth by improving online item attributes. In doing so, distributors can also help retailers achieve their second priority of reinvigorating the in-store experience. How is this possible? There is a growing sector of consumers who do their in-depth research online before stepping into the store to make a purchase.

To learn more about how distributors are focusing on streamlining fulfillment, download our infographic where we’ve captured key findings from our benchmark survey with RSR. You can also register for the webinar on February 25 when experts from EDI and RSR will discuss the survey results.

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