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What is the most popular EDI transaction

What is the most well liked EDI transaction?

I’m often asked about the most popular EDI transaction.

Let’s start by answering the question: What is the most popular EDI transaction?

What is EDI 997?

It may not be the biggest of surprises that EDI 997 is the most popular EDI transaction. EDI 997 is also known as the Functional Acknowledgement. It’s the transaction set used by trading partners to confirm receipt of other EDI documents. For every EDI transaction sent, there’s a potential for an EDI 997 coming in response, especially true for purchase order confirmations. Value-added networks (VANs) and other B2B/EDI solutions may have EDI 997 set up as auto-response, providing an important step in ensuring that organizations maintain a good level of transaction status visibility. 

Visibility is a theme when we consider the next four top EDI transaction types as well: 

What is EDI 850?

As the second most popular EDI transaction, EDI 850 is also known as an electronic purchase order. An EDI 850 is sent to a supplier as the first step in the ordering process. It contains all the details that are relevant when placing an order for goods. 

What is EDI 810?

EDI 810 is the third most popular EDI transaction and serves as a basis for e-Invoicing that can be used across a wide range of order types. An EDI 810 invoice is sent by the seller to a buyer in place of a paper, email, or PDF invoice. 

What is EDI 856?

Next in line as one of the top most popular EDI transactions is the EDI 856, referred to as the EDI Advanced Ship Notice (ASN). The EDI 856 provides the recipient with a head’s up on their next expected shipment and sets out in detail the contents of each shipment, how items will be packed, and of course, delivery dates. 

What is EDI 214?

The EDI 214 transaction rounds off the top 5 most popular EDI transactions and provides another proof point of the importance of maintaining end-to-end visibility. The EDI 214 set represents a Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message (TCSSM). It is typically used by transportation carriers, such as trucking companies, to a shipper or buyer to let them know the status of their shipment. 

These results show that the main use of EDI is to better enable visibility on the status of transactions. The importance of ASNs and TCSSMs show that EDI is as powerful a tool in the supply chain as it is in finance. 

And the winner is … EDI 997

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