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What is an EDI Managed Service

What’s an EDI Controlled Provider?

A managed service describes the practice of outsourcing certain processes and functions intended to improve operations and cut expenses. Companies outsourcing their EDI to a fully managed service provider work towards bridging the gap between the capacity of their IT department, and the increasing demand for fast-moving, stable, high-performance business technology.

In today’s fast paced business environment, having your business relationships managed and monitored in the most efficient and effective way possible is a necessity. Many businesses rely on their EDI solutions to manage their business relationships, entrusting those who manage it to ensure that all business documents are sent, received, processed and stored on time. By outsourcing EDI to a fully managed service provider, companies ensure that their Purchase Orders, Invoices, ASN’s and all other EDI messages are transacted reliably with all trading partners, ensuring order-to-invoice lifecycles are as short as possible.

Businesses opting to manage the multiplicity of EDI messages and standards whilst also managing complex integration requirements can struggle to maximise the profit building applications of an EDI solution. Within a recent report conducted by the CIMA into the AP landscape in the UK, it overwhelmingly highlighted that most organisations could undergo some form of modernisation where there payment processes are concerned. Only 43% of companies in the study received their invoices electronically, and of those companies surveyed that had a PO system in place, it was still estimated that around 15 people were involved in the AP process.

Businesses that outsource their EDI to a fully Managed Service provider ensure that they optimise internal processes without the need for on-site infrastructure or expertise by leveraging the capacity of a team of EDI experts.

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